Where to shop in Paris /

Where to shop in Paris

Paris. It's an alluring word that stokes the embers of the primitive brain. That's because the European city is stomping ground for a modern twist on hunting: shopping. Shopping in Paris is epic, a must-experience adventure. ...

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The Weight of Trees /

The Weight of Trees

April’s got its share of religious holidays (Easter, Passover) and mathematical exercises (taxes). But it’s also the official month of Earth, with a capital E. April 22 is Earth Day—I do believe that’s something you should a...

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The Case of the Mistaken Saint /

The Case of the Mistaken Saint

'Tis the season to become saintly, or spiritually fit, according to Christian beliefs. Starting Ash Wednesday (3/1/17), devotees start their practice of becoming a better person. AKA sainthood-light for 40 days. Most of us wo...

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Grow Yourself a Tea Party /

Grow Yourself a Tea Party

Leave it to a gardener to complicate the concept of "tea party." Store-bought leaves? Please. You call yourself an obsessed gardener? The tea party isn't real unless the leaves are harvested in your backyard. I know this how...

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Oysters on the Farm /

Oysters on the Farm

Bird Haven Farm isn’t exactly on the ocean. So how can I have oysters in my collection if I'm only making things that grow, fly, or swim on the farm? Well, I cheated a tiny bit. We do have oysters here, but we get them from o...

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How Not To Bore Your Dog /

How Not To Bore Your Dog

Growing up in Ohio, my family always had dogs but none of them had interesting names. I never thought about this until, years later when I met Kitty Hawks, the decorator who worked with me on my two jewelry shops on Madison A...

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Get Your Bean On! /

Get Your Bean On!

My favorite bean catalogue to buy from is Vermont Bean Seed Company. They have so many pages of beans to choose from it can be hard to pick. My all time favorite is Maxibel French Fillet Bean—it’s long and thin and full of fl...

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An Unusual European Museum /

An Unusual European Museum

Those looking for an unusual European museum, get ready ... It’s called the Tree Museum; and this unusual spot in Switzerland displays trees that were collected by one of the world’s most prominent tree collectors: Enzo Enea....

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How to Roast a Whole Pig /

How to Roast a Whole Pig

You hear about snout-to-tail on menus around Manhattan, but exactly how do you roast a whole pig yourself? When I go to the farm, I like to live off the land: planting vegetables, canning, jamming, and, in the spring, roastin...

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Power Woman: Ganna Walska /

Power Woman: Ganna Walska

“I am the enemy of average.” Now those are words of a power woman. Respect, Ganna. You blow us away with your energy and with your ability to pull off wearing a tiara any old time. Probably even in the garden. How did the Po...

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What to Wear While Weeding /

What to Wear While Weeding

Garden fashion. Now, those two words don’t really belong together. Gardeners have no style. Right? Or wrong? I’d like to believe it’s absolutely false, though sometimes it can be hard to channel Lauren Bacall and do some good...

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20 Indoor Plants That Keep You Sane /

20 Indoor Plants That Keep You Sane

Time to bow down to plants again. As has been discovered previously, plants rule. While I spend most of my time with plants al fresco, it’s advised by knowledgable third parties who have earned Ph.Ds that plants are great ind...

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