Small PumpkinEarrings


Small PumpkinEarrings

18K Gold-plated Brass
Matte Antique Finish
3/8 inch Charms
Hooked Backs

There’s something special about a pumpkin. The fruit has taken up a plot of land in the hearts—and the holidays—of people across the country. What does a pumpkin mean to you? Maybe pumpkin pie springs to mind first, or a scene of early settlers gathering around a dinner table. Or perhaps Halloween memories are the ones that stick most strongly. Maybe your pumpkin story is something else altogether. Any which way you slice it, though, a pumpkin means a whole lot more than just your daily dose of fruits. Family, days off, plenty to eat—these are the promises of a pumpkin.

Carry your pumpkin story in a delicate reminder with you at all times. Tiny, lifelike details are what make Janet Mavec’s pumpkin charms the real deal. As earrings, a necklace, or a bangle, the pumpkin charm (and its respective chain) is a subtle golden sparkle when you move, elegant enough to go with work or play and a quick common center for friends and strangers who notice it.