Cicada Wing Bibb Necklace with Amber


Cicada Wing Bibb Necklace with Amber

18K Gold-plated Brass
Matte Antique Finish
17 inch Chain
1-1/2 inch Charms, Amber


Stand out with grace. The cidada’s wings are its best accessory, and now, you can wear a piece that captures that same beauty. Famed for their songs and unearthly lifespans, cicadas symbolized life and immortality for the ancient Greeks. Wear that badge of prosperity in everyday life to show your determination, and as a new kind of good luck charm.

Designer Janet Mavec spent hours studying the intricacies of the cicadas’ delicate, translucent wings, and fitting them to matching chains and styles. Each cicada wing piece is specifically designed to bring out the details of each individual wing.