Horse Tassel Cinnamon  Necklace


Horse Tassel Cinnamon Necklace

Hand Dyed Horse Hair in Cinnamon
18K Gold-plated Brass Links & Beads
Matte Antique Finish
31-1/2 inch Leather Necklace
3-1/2 inch Tassel
No horses were harmed in the making of these tassels.

Looking for a cheerful swish in your step. here is your remedy. Bar none. This gorgeous horse tassel harnassed to a leather chain is an attention grabber. It came straight from punk horses, or so we like to think, with the tassels available in autumn cinnamon, spring lime, and hot summer fuchsia. Sassy class all the way. The two beads are adjustable to change the look. This isn’t just for cowgirls.

Designer Janet Mavec’s father used to say, “There are more horses’ asses than horses.”