Horse Tassel Grey with Snake Chain Necklace

$50 $150

Horse Tassel Grey with Snake Chain Necklace

Hand Dyed Horse Hair in Grey
18K Gold-plated Brass Chain & Beads
Matte Antique Finish
31-1/2 inch Chain
3-1/2 inch Tassel
No horses were harmed in the making of these tassels.

This horse tassel necklace is for all those Elizabeth Taylors out there. You relate to the horse because you admire its beauty, strength, and determination. You, yourself, are a risk taker with impeccable style that may be influenced by Liz or Audrey or “Slim” (aka Bacall). This nod to the equine is all-out glam with a sexy gold snake chain that ends with a swish, either in black or in white.

Designer Janet Mavec’s father used to say, “There are more horses’ asses than horses.”