Le Petit Sunflower Necklace


Le Petit Sunflower Necklace

18K Gold-plated brass
Matte Antique Finish
16" and 18"  Adjustable Chain
6/8  inch Sunflower Charm

Hmmm, how to say this without sounding too woo-woo? The sunflower necklace is a talisman, a charm, an amulet, if you will. Lasso it around your neck, and you will radiate sunshine—even on a dreary winter day. You, with those petals reaching outward, now sway into any room with confidence.

When Janet Mavec designed Helianthus annuus, she channeled her post-impressionistic artiste along with her live-free-and-long flower child—and she smiled when sketching it. Because who can resist the allure of its giant moon-shaped sunny face?